Why Cha Am Is A Popular Destination

There are many fantastic places to visit in Thailand and it is often difficult to know which district or region to visit. However, Cha Am is a very popular destination and as there are so many reasons to visit this part of the country, you’ll find a great deal to like and enjoy.

The fact that Cha Am is located very close to Hua Hin and Bangkok is a fantastic starting point with respect to its popularity. This is a destination in its own right but it is also a place that makes for a fantastic day trip. No matter how much time you have to spend in Cha Am, you should be able to fill it with plenty of exciting activities.

Cha Am beach is a must-see

One of the most appealing factors about Cha Am is the beach. This is a white sand beach and it stretches on for a great distance, providing you with plenty of places where you can relax and have some fun. There are many shaded sections and you’ll find an extensive range of activities, in water and on land, around the beach, so you should be able to spend a good day, if not days, in this part of Cha Am.

The beach is also a great hub for tourists because there are so many interesting destinations within easy reach. Hat Chao Samran, Hat Puek Thien, Phra Nakorn Khiri Royal Palace, Phra Ramrachaniewet Palace and Maruek Kathayawan Palace are all within easy reach, so you will find plenty of tourist destinations close at hand.

Another very pleasing aspect about Cha Am is that there is a broad range of accommodation options for tourists. No matter your budget or what you deem to be an acceptable level of comfort, you will find that Cha Am has plenty to offer. Whether you are looking for a bungalow, a guesthouse, a hotel or just a stylish resort that will make you feel at home, Cha Am will not let you down.

No matter what you are looking for in Bangkok you should find that Cha Am has everything you could be looking for.