Thailand: The Culture

There may be four distinct areas of Thailand, and it is recognised as the 50th largest country in the world, but there is a strong sense of culture and identity across the country. It would be fair to say that the teachings and beliefs of Buddhism lie at the heart of the Thai culture and national identity. Even with almost countless sub-groups and dialects, the Thai language is spoken widely, creating a sense of unity in the nation.

It is believed that around 95% of the country is Buddhist and this means that values like respect, self-control and avoiding a confrontational stance or attitude or encouraged. You will find that the Thai people do their best to mask any show of emotion in public, with Thai people being renowned for their friendly and positive attitude.

This is certainly something that has helped to shape Thailand as one of the leading tourist destinations in the world. Being known as “the land of smiles” is never a bad image to hold and this means the customer service on offer in the country is warm, welcoming and very natural.

There is also a natural order of life in Thailand. This is show in the importance of family, in the level of respect held for elders and in the level of trust and respect held to people in higher social positions. There is a reverential attitude to people who hold important positions in society and this shines through in most interactions with Thai people.

While order and respect are extremely important in Thailand, you will find that humour, fun and joy are vital elements of everyday life in Thailand. In local culture, this is referred to as “sanuk” and you can be confident that Thai people like to enjoy themselves. This also helps to create the party spirit in the country and given that the will and mood of the people is centred on having fun and being polite, it is no surprise that many adore the warm welcome they are offered in Thailand.