Thailand: Cha Am Weather: What You Can Expect All Year Round

When it comes to the weather in Cha Am, it would be fair to say that the climate is a tropical one, which means that it is generally hot all year round. There are variations at certain points of the year but in general, this is an area of Thailand where you can rely on the temperature being warm.

While the north of Thailand experiences a “colder” period in December and January, in Cha Am, the temperature at this time of year can best be described as cool. To place this into context, you will probably find that you can sleep without the need of air conditioning at this point. However, by February the temperature is already starting to warm up, and the weather is extremely nice at this time.

With respect to the dry periods of the year, December to April is the period when you can feel confident about avoiding the wettest of weather, with “monsoon” season beginning in May. When it comes to a deluge of rain, October is likely to be the most problematic or challenging month of the year in Cha Am but as long as you come prepared and dress for wet weather, you should be able to make the most of your time, no matter when you come.

You will find that March and April are likely to be the warmest months of the year so if you come at this time, be aware of the heat and the power of the sun. You are always advised to use sun cream and have a hat and sunglasses. It can also be very humid in Cha Am in March and April so you find that your energy levels dip when walking far or being energetic. It makes sense to take things easy, drink plenty of fluids and allow yourself the chance to relax and rest if you need it.

As of April into May, the sky becomes cloudier so there is a greater level of protection from the sun but of course, this also creates the progression into the wet season in Thailand.

You should find that the weather in Cha Am is hot and enjoyable for most of the year with a few outlying months causing a few difficulties. However, as long as you are prepared for these moments, Cha Am will offer you a warm welcome all year round.