Elton View Fishing Park Now Open in Cha Am

Fishing in Thailand should be fun but it also shouldn’t be expensive and this is why Elton View Fishing Park is pleased to announce a new fishery in Cha Am. With many fishing parks charging a lot more. Elton View offers a chance to fish at a more affordable rate. The main lake only costs 1,300 baht per rod, crustys pond is 250 baht per day and the snake lake can be enjoyed at only 60 baht per rod. Offering fantastic value for money.

In total, there are three lakes to enjoy at Elton View Fishing Park, Willows Lake, Crustys Pond 2 and Snake Lake. The diversity of lakes on offer at the fishing park ensures that there is something for everyone and every budget. The leading park offers electricity, shade and seating while even the most affordable option provides water and Wi-Fi. No matter what sort of day fishers want to enjoy, the Elton View Fishing Park offers a fantastic time.

Of course, the quality of the fishing environment is important but for most people, it is the quality and quantity of fish that is the most important factor when deciding where to fish. This is one aspect that Elton View Fishing Park excels at, and there is a wide range of fish available, including Siamese carp, Mekong catfish, Arapaima, Talapia, Pacu, redtails, exotic species and fish weighing up to 80kg.

The three lakes provide a selection of fish and fishing styles to enjoy, making Elton View Fishing Park a natural choice, no matter what type of fishing excursion is being planned.

Located 2km outside of Cha Am and 30km from Hua-Hin, with Bangkok Airport transfers on offer; Elton View Fishing Park provides a new and affordable way to fish in Thailand. With accommodation available as well as drinks, snacks and all of the fishing accessories a person could ever need, this is the destination that creates a fantastic day out.