Elton View Fish Species

There are many reasons why you should check out what the Elton View Fish Park has to offer, but the range of fish species is a very big factor. When you are looking for quality and quantity, you will find that there is plenty to enjoy and whether you are a tourist, a local fisherman or you have a particular fish you want to try and catch, the full selection of Elton View Fish Park species will ensure you have a brilliant time.


The Arapaima is one of the most desired fish when fishing in Thailand, even if they are not featured in many lakes. This is a fish that poses a fantastic challenge to anglers and there is a sense of great achievement upon coming out on top against one of these majestic creatures. Arapaima is known to reach a weight of 350lb+ and there is a wide variety of these fish on offer.

Chao Phraya Catfish

Taking its name from the Bangkok River, this is a catfish with a very identifiable look. It is easy to see that this fish has a style reminiscent of a shark and the long fins make it appear to be a menacing creature. It is these fins that help anglers to spot them when they circle in lakes.

Chinese Big Head Carp

Unsurprisingly, this style of fish is quickly recognised thanks to its big head, and it originally hails from China. This is now a type of fish that is well established in Thailand and is known to breed in the Mekong River, making it a fish that is very common in Thai lakes.

Common Carp

The common carp hails from the River Danube but over the years, it has been introduced to virtually the entire world. This is a fish that has evolved considerably over the years but it is a common feature in many of the fishing resorts in Thailand and Elton View is pleased to say that there is a wide selection of common carp on offer.

Giant Siamese Carp

The Giant Siamese Carp is native to Thailand and can grow to huge sizes, sometimes as large as 300 lbs+. This is one of the fish that many anglers are keen to capture and you’ll find plenty on offer at Elton View.

Mekong Catfish

With the Giant Mekong Catfish being billed as the largest catfish, and the largest freshwater fish, you know that you are in for a challenge if you go looking for this fish. It is known for this style of fish to come in at 500lbs+ in certain cases and it is a fish native to the waters of Thailand.


Pacu fish are related to piranha fish but thankfully are not as scary or as intimidating. This is a very common fish in Thailand and is often found in fishing lakes around the country.

Redtail Catfish

The redtail catfish is known for being a predatory catfish which can often be caught down the sides just before dusk. While this is located in many natural rivers and lakes in Thailand, it is also a feature of many fishing resorts and it is a great find in Elton View.

Snake head

Snake head fish are considered quite the delicacy and are viewed as a valuable source of food. This is a predatory style of fish with notable dorsal fins. These fish will often have an elongated shape and can be found in a selection of fishing resorts and lakes.


The Tilapia fish was introduced into Thailand in the 1960s and it has become an extremely common and popular form of fish in the intervening years. This fish is a great source of nutrients, making it a fantastic option for professional anglers and people looking to catch fish to sell and eat.


Yeesop fish are another option that has become very popular in Cha Am, and you’ll find plenty of opportunity to find this style of fish at the Elton View Fish Park.

When it comes to making the most of your time when fishing, choose a fishing park with a stunning array of fish. With this in mind, you will love what the Elton View Fish Park has to offer.