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Elton View Fishing Park is 2kms outside the seaside town of Cha-am, about 30kms from Hua-Hin. The park has 3 lakes available to fish with different prices and species to catch. Besides the long clean beach there are many attractions close to the park for family fun including Santorini Water Park, Swiss Sheep Farm and Camel Republic. We have a small restaurant area, a bar with Pool table and Dart board and a fishing tackle shop selling bait and items of tackle. We have rods for rent to suit each lake and style of fishing as well as items to get you through your day including snacks and cold drinks. Wifi is also available.

Visit Elton View Fishing Park for a chance to fish 3 different lakes and the opportunity to catch the fish of a lifetime!

Our Fishing Lakes

Willows Lake

Willows Lake

This is our largest lake and holds the biggest fish. It is 200 mtrs long and 100 mtrs wide with a depth in the middle of 4 mtrs.

The lake is heavily stocked with mostly Siamese Carp from 6kg to 45kg with around 500 in total. There are also many Amazon Redtail upto 30kg, a small number of Mekong Catfish from 20kg to 80kg, Arapaima to 140kg, Pacu to 20kg, 50 common carp around 10kg. Over 200 Snakehead, Yeesop and approx 50 Chinese big head carp around 4-6kg. Varied other exotic species. The lake is being stocked with bigger fish as they become available.

Snake Lake

Snake Lake

Approximately 300 mtrs long and 20 mtrs wide. This lake is designed for spinning and for Thai fishermen who would like to take their catch home

Nearly all fish in this lake are under 3Kg. Mainly Talapia and Pacu but also 200 plus Snakehead.

There is a stone walking path all the way around the lake. The lake has 8 pegs in total all with cover and water.

Parking is also available near to all of the pegs.

If you would like to take your catch home it is 60 Baht per kilogram payable at the shop.

Crustys Pond 2

Crustys Pond 2

The water is 100 mtrs long and 80 mtrs wide and is 2 mtrs deep. Designed to be a fun water for children, holiday-makers and pleasure anglers. Each peg has water, electric and wifi. Species in the lake are Siamese Carp, Redtails, Snakehead, Pacu, Talapia. There are 6 pegs available on this lake, with each peg having water, cover and wifi. There are also chairs, tables and landing nets available for all pegs. This lake a has a wonderful mountain view as the back drop. This lake is being constantly stocked.

Our Prices

Willows Lake: 1,300 Baht per Rod per day • 12 stations with shade, electric & seating • Bait purchased individually • Rent Rods at 500 Baht per day.

Crustys Pond 2: 250 Baht per Rod per day • Baits allowed: Bread, Pellets, Boilies Lures • Rent Rods: Spin 80 Baht, Children 50 Baht, Adults 100 Baht.

Snake Lake: 60 Baht per Rod per day • 60 Baht per 1kg of fish to take • Rent Rods: Spinning 80 Baht, Children 50 Baht, Adults 100 Baht.

Predator ticket (Willows Lake) (Starts September 1st 2019): 2,500 Baht per person per day: Bait allowed chicken or fish bought from Elton View only: Have to use fishery rod and set up.

Note: It is advisable to pre-book pegs at Willows Lake to assure a spot

Our Location

Elton View Fishing Park is located in Thailand, approximately 2kms outside the seaside town of Cha-am, about 30kms from Hua-Hin. We are happy to arrange transfers from Bangkok Airport – please get in touch for details.


Elton View has teamed up with Panorama Hill resort approximately 200 mtrs from the fishery. The resort has varied accommodation and the price includes the use of the 2 swimming pools and small gym.

Prices range from 1,500 Baht for a 2 Bed Bungalow or apartment to 6,000 Baht for a 3 bedroom apartment per night.

Accommodation 6
Accommodation 5
Accommodation 4
Accommodation 3
Accommodation 2
Accommodation 1

Our Fishing Packages

Elton View & Greenfields

Elton View & Greenfields

More Information

Elton View & Cha Am Fishing Park

Elton View & Cha Am Fishing Park

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